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Chapter 4: Design > 4.4. Evaluating the Design Package - Pg. 59

Design 59 · Designation of one or more designers. · · · Larger or complex designs may require several designers. Assign design sections to different designers, based on skill level or availability. Creation of design requirements. · Requirement specification defining what the design should do. · Creation of Timing and other diagrams. · Diagrams provided as requirements or just as supporting documents. The package should contain all the relevant design information, like requirements specification and timing diagrams. There should be enough information for a design to be created. It is never a good idea for the coder to create his or her own requirements. This leaves the door wide open for costly mistakes. Anything that is misinterpreted gets carried over into the design requirements, which become a part of the design. The design may be tested against the requirements and possibly delivered. This kind of mistake may not be detected until customer acceptance or, worse, after the design has been delivered, which can be very expensive and embarrassing. So my advice is this: If you are the coder,