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14: File I/O > Exercises - Pg. 348

348 Chapter 14 the basic SD/MMC card solution we have examined here because you will need to run the MDD File System on top of a full USB Host stack. Tips & Tricks In recent years the SD/MMC memory cards have started to shrink. The new miniSD CardTM standard gained popularity for a short while only to be surpassed by the newer and even smaller microSD CardTM standard. You will be pleased to learn that both formats are 100% compatible with the larger ancestor and with the code presented in this book. The WP and CD lines have been dropped in the smaller form factors but, as you will have noticed, they were not really required for our applications and won't be missed. The case of the High Capacity (SDHCTM) cards is different. This new specification was introduced by the SD Association to remove the previous limitation on the maximum card size (2 Gbytes), increasing it to 32 GB. The code presented in this book will not operate correctly on those cards but, given their size, a FAT16 formatting would have been a very poor choice to begin with. Exercises