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Post-Flight Briefing > Tips & Tricks - Pg. 172

172 Chapter 9 The complexity of developing any advanced graphical user interface is greatly reduced by the availability of a complete (object-oriented) graphic library as part of the Microchip Application Library (MAL) but is outside the scope of this introductory book. Notes for the C Experts As we did in the previous lesson, when using the asynchronous serial interfaces, it is possible to replace the low-level I/O routines defined in the stdio.h library, and in particular write.c, to re-direct the output to the LCD display as in the example code below: #include <p24fxxxx.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <LCD.h> int write(int handle, void *buffer, unsigned int len) { int i, *p; const char *pf; switch (handle) { case 0: case 1: