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Chapter 1. Inspiration > Working sketchbook - Pg. 16

Working sketchbook A sketchbook is a visual notebook or diary. It is a personal response to the world and can assume many different guises, varying from being a portable scrapbook in which to collect interesting pieces of fabric or pictorial references, to a book of observational drawings and ideas. All may, one day, provide that essential spark of inspiration. A sketchbook provides you with the opportunity to practice design, drawing, and illustration skills at any time and in any place. You can develop figure studies by sketching the people you see at a local park, or on a train, or even by sitting on a bench downtown and drawing the shoppers. Sketching scenery, such as interesting architecture, also helps to create ideas for illustration backgrounds. Most artists keep sketchbooks in which they experiment with ideas and collect insightful imagery. Picasso is said to have produced 178 sketchbooks in his lifetime. He often used his sketchbooks to explore themes and make compositional studies until he found the subject and concept for a larger painting on canvas. Like Picasso, you will have numerous sketchbooks throughout your education and career. Some you will use for researching specific themes while others become constant companions for recording