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Chpater 2. The Figure > Templates - Pg. 46

Templates Tracing from a photograph Tracing is not always cheating. Sometimes making a simple copy of a figure from a photograph is the most helpful way to start a fashion illustration. You are already working with a two-dimensional image, which is easier than working directly from a three-dimensional figure. Moreover, if you do not have access to a life model at the appropriate time, drawing a figure accurately from memory is not a common skill. Most people need a source of inspiration to begin a drawing. Trace the outline of a figure from a photograph or magazine to give yourself a starting point, then apply your own illustrative style as you develop the artwork. Place the photograph on a light box, or light tracer, or against a window so that you can see the most important features of the figure clearly. Decide on the main lines that define the figure's shape, then trace them carefully. Use a sharp pencil to avoid lines becoming fuzzy and confusing. Below Copying a figure, or figures, from a photograph or magazine can form the foundation of a fashion illustration. Even an ordinary photograph of a couple on a motorcycle wearing full leathers can be used as a starting point. Middle Trace the main lines of each figure by placing your paper over the photograph on a lightbox. Bottom Inspired by the photograph, this is the final fashion illustration. Although life drawing is necessary to understand the human body, it is still valid to use a two-dimensional image as the basis for your figure.