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Further reading - Pg. 222

222 Further reading This is a bibliography of works used in the preparation of this book. Clearly it has a British orientation. Many other countries have equally useful publications and web-based resources, and this bibliography mentions some of the wealth from the USA and other countries. A useful introduction to the German literature can be found in Astrid Zimmerman's Constructing Landscape (2009), which is also a very useful follow-on to this book's introduction to the subject. This book was inspired by Elisabeth Beazley's now out-of-print Design and Detail of the Space between Buildings (1960), re-published in 1990 as a new edition by A. and A. Pinder. Other books to recommend as progressions from our introductory volume include Everett's Materials in the Mitchell's Building Series. Berge's excellent The Ecology of Building Materials covers the sustainable aspects of construction and is written from a Scandinavian experience. Recommended US literature includes Ching's Building Construction Illustrated, Landphair and Klatt's Landscape Architecture Construction, Hopper's Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards, and Harris and Dines's Time-Saver Guides for Landscape Architecture. Some publications are listed because they record historic or vernacular approaches to construction, such as Dobson's A Rudimentary Treatise on Foundation and Concrete Works (1850), the Road Research Laboratory's Bituminous Materials (1962), and Williams-Ellis's Buildings in Cob, Pisé and Stabilized Earth of 1947 (originally published in the 1920s). Agate, Elizabeth and Brooks, Alan, Waterways and Wetlands, British Trust roofing+stone&qSearchBtn (accessed 9 March 2010) British Stainless Steel Association, Specifying mechanically polished, brushed and buffed stainless steel finishes and their applications, http://www.bssa. (accessed 25 March 2010) Brooks, Alan and Adcock, Sean, Dry Stone Walling, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, London, 1999, also available at http:// (accessed 25 March 2010) Brown, William H., The Conversion and Seasoning of Wood, Stobart Davies Ltd., Hertford, 1988 Brunskill, Ronald and Clifton-Taylor, Alec, English Brickwork, Ward Lock Ltd., London, 1977 Chapman, Tim and Pitchford, Andrew, "Holding back the earth" in The Architects' Journal, vol. 208, no. 15, 22 October 1998, pp.70­71 Ching, Francis D. K., Building Construction Illustrated, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, 2003 Clifton-Taylor, Alec, and Ireson, A. S., English Stone Building, Victor Gollancz Ltd., London, 1983 Clifton-Taylor, Alec, The Pattern of English Building, Faber & Faber, London, 1987 Cobb, Fiona, Structural Engineer's Pocket Book, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, 2004 Collins, Peter, Concrete: The Vision of a New Architecture, second edition, McGill-Queens University Press, Montreal, 2004 Corporation of London, Department of Planning and Transportation,