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Trailblazer 4: Soleil Noir > Trailblazer 4: Soleil Noir - Pg. 131

Images and colour schemes 131 Fig 4 For the launch of the new music library for the communication sector by French music publisher Red Tracks Publishing, Soleil Noir were asked to re-imagine how to present and search through the tracks, using an innovative concept and intuitive navigation. They created the search engine and visual identity for, offering a new approach to exploring the library, using ambiances, targets and styles. This new type of navigation, together with the automatic display of results, made the search faster and more efficient, while also creating a user-friendly interface ­ music can be located in just a few simple clicks Fig 5 When asked to create a website for the launch of Samsung's Player Star smartphone, highlighting its multi-touch functionalities in a new interactive way, Soleil Noir gave users the opportunity to imagine themselves in situations with the product. They conceived three messages and settings that were based on the innovative features of the phone, together with their interactive videos: `Share your emotions', `Stay connected' and `Tools for your business' Where do they find inspiration? `Teamwork,' says Laugel. `We brainstorm a lot with art directors, developers, motion designers, sound designers, etc. Everybody has ideas and the good ones don't always come from the same people. We also keep an eye on other things. I love movie and TV credits that I find ultra creative. That's where my ideas come from sometimes. We have people interested in other things besides the web and they offer us a wide variety of creative views. As I often say, the expertise we've acquired lets us move beyond technology and technical issues, allowing us to fully focus on the idea and concept.'