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Rethinking Design and Interiors > AUTHOR'S ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - Pg. 5

AUTHOR'S ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The architectural truism of "it takes a village to build a building" very much applies to the actualization of this book. The simple yet poignant questions asked by my students inspired me to search for a deeper understanding and to investigate some of the fundamentals of both human needs and design criteria. At the end of the project, I would like to acknowledge all those who have contributed to its completion. These contributions include many discussions, advice, research, and reviews of ideas and various versions of the manuscript. Apart from those people with whom I have interacted, there remain others who have worked to help transform the manuscript into the physical reality of a book. I express my heartfelt thanks for your effort. As a teacher I must first and foremost thank all my students. I have learnt a great deal from them. It was their curiosity and persistent questioning of a need to understand design that forced me to seek comprehensive explanations for complex matters. The concepts in this book are born out of their quest for clarifications, and, in the process, it has enormously enriched my own comprehension. I am grateful to Philip Cooper, Editorial Director at Laurence King Publishing, who not only encouraged me to commit these ideas to paper, but also patiently guided me through the intriguing process of writing and publishing. Indeed, my thanks go to the entire Laurence King Publishing team, who helped with the myriad aspects involved in the publication of this book. Without their support and help, my ideas would still be the subject of verbal debate. To develop these initial ideas more fully, a broad and theoretical research effort was required. I am fortunate to have had assistance from a group of wonderful and smart researchers, who helped to expand the inquiry and give its content substance and depth. I am most appreciative of the support from Mikel Ciemny, Heidi Druckemiller, Olivia Klose, Karla de Vries, and Tara Rasheed for their perseverance in helping to locate the right sources, illustrations, and references. Their help was instrumental in providing a foundation and coherence for my thesis. The overall hypothesis and text would not be quite as reflective or cohesive without the profound help and support of Patrick Ciccone, whose dedicated research helped to give shape to the core argument.