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7: Self-Management > Bumped Off Course - Pg. 96

96 Co-Active Coaching you notice--the window is open and the rain is coming in, soaking a pile of important papers. Naturally, you want to create an environment and conditions that minimize the chances of these sorts of distractions, but they will happen from time to time. The context of self-management is a combination of self-awareness and the skill of recovery. It is an awareness of yourself, an ability to notice where you are or where you have gone in relationship with your client, and it is about the ability to get back, to reconnect. Ultimately, self-management is an expression of your total commit- ment to your client. One hundred percent connected is the ideal. Self- management is what we do as coaches to recover when conditions create less than a 100-percent connection. Bumped Off Course Clients are human--which is another way of saying they are somewhat unpredictable. One of the most common situations involving self-man-