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CHAPTER 7 Content for Social Media > Social Media Is Expanding Like Crazy - Pg. 132

132 Content is CurrenCy WhySocialMediaOptimizationMatters There's one big reason that social media optimization matters: social networks are driving an increasing amount of traffic to an increasing number of websites. In fact, many companies are seeing more traffic from social networks than they see from Google. If your content is interesting and easily shareable, you have social media power captured in a bottle. But SMO isn't just about growing your social media presence, it's tying into and leveraging the social networks of others. Therein lies the true beauty of it, in building a web of influence. How do you make changes to optimize your website so it is more easily linked to within social media? 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Engaging in general SEO for your website, adding content, rewriting meta tags, etc. (See Chapter 4) Adding a blog and using the plug-in "Share This" to get people to distribute it for you Adding your social media icons to the top of every content piece Using the Facebook "Like" button on your content Using Google's +1 (their answer to Facebook's Like button and something that can also help with Google search rankings) And what are we talking about when we say "social media content"? Writing for social media could take the form of blog posts, tweets on Twitter, videos that you share on Facebook or YouTube, and sites that you give a thumbs-up to on social bookmark- ing sites like StumbleUpon. But knowing how to write and publish content for a social media world can be a challenge--and can be very time consuming. How do you do it and why is it important? We'll get to that very soon . . . SocialMediaIsExpandingLikeCrazy It seems like with every blog I frequent, the topics covered have morphed into a social media cornucopia of delights. The topic used to just be "social media," but now it's divided and multiplied into a number of subtopics within the larger umbrella. From video marketing and distribution to social media tools, and from social media training and advertising to integrating social media and traditional media, the list is endless. Despite all of this activity and buzz, there are many thousands of companies out there, large and small, that are still resisting it--or confused about it. Why? Because resisting an idea, for many, is human nature 101. Even for some of those who like to be out in front. And I surmise it's more of an issue in the United States, where it seems we are always wondering, "How can we turn this great idea into quick cash?" Oh yeah, that ROI thing. Well, maybe social media will finally help place "building a community" and "establishing a brand" above ROI (where they should be), once and for all. Whether we are talking about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your