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Five: Wealthy, healthy and wise?: How money makes the Swiss tick - Pg. 108

FIVE WEALTHY, HEALTHY AND WISE? urich may not be the capital city, but for many it is the face of urban Switzerland: compact and efficient yet cos- mopolitan and exciting, especially if you live in rural Appenzell. It has everything a Swiss city needs: the lake-shore location, the Alps in the background, trams trundling past, spires piercing the skyline, no hint of pollution, and even a faint but definite whiff of chocolate in the air. No wonder it regularly tops the polls of most desirable cities in the world to live in. But for the English-speaking world, Zurich brings one image to mind: grey-suited bankers. Back when the pound in your pocket was still worth twenty shillings, Harold Wilson damned them to be known for ever more as the gnomes of Z