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Unlike many Flex books that presume readers want to develop applications from scratch, Flex on Java is for developers in the real world-where Flex is one more technology being added to existing systems developed in Java, and where integration is the key indicator of success. Written for Java developers beginning to use Flex, Flex on Java shows how to use Flex alongside existing Java applications, and how to integrate Flex using familiar server-side technologies such as Spring, EJBs, JMS, and more. The authors, both Agile development experts, focus on Agile and test-driven development to enable readers to redesign applications that deliver more value and with zero defects. Throughout the book, readers will apply these techniques to refactoring a single application into a rich internet application using Flex and the BlazeDS framework.

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Average Rating: 2 out of 5 rating Based on 2 Ratings

"More of a doctoral thesis than a "how to"" - by chico1198 on 03-APR-2012
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This book's intro starts with the words, "I had never thought of writing a book, this is my first." While a good first effort, the lack of experience does show. Instead of providing what I consider the best way to teach - some instruction and challenging the reader to expand up it, and some hints in case you get stuck - the author presents what amounts to a thesis on Flex and Java. Unfortunately, as anyone who's ever been in higher education, thesis review is more for experts in the field, not students. So, if you are an expert in Flex and Java (and Maven and Struts 2) and would like to compare your expert work to another expert's, then this book may be worthwhile. However, if you are not an expert at all of these disciplines, then you will quickly get lost.

I do hope that the authors continue and write more. There is always a need for specialized knowledge like this book. That said, on the next book I hope that they will spend less time on completed code and why it works, and more on step-by-step methods for allowing the reader to also create their own successes. For example, other books I've read (that I liked) contain similar layouts, but each chapter contains an end section called "Try It", where the author demonstrates how to get moving with the topics covered and ideas on how to expand upon it. Keep writing!

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"Confusing and lacks structure" - by Srikanth on 24-APR-2011
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I picked up this book as I wanted to get quick understanding of Flex and how it can be used in Java Environments.  This book is confusing to read as parts of seems to expect that you already have worked on it.  Use of AppFuse and Maven Wizardry too takes away lots of details which newbies are looking for.  Book sounds more like diary of a programmer who developed a Flex App using AppFuse and BlazeDS.  I would not recommend this book.
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