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Entity Framework 4 in Action is an introduction to the Entity Framework for developers working in .NET who possess a working knowledge of ADO.NET. Beginning with a review of the core ideas behind the objectrelational management (ORM) model, it outlines how Entity Framework offers a smooth transition from a traditional ADO.NET approach. Featuring numerous examples and in-depth case studies, the book explores the Entity Framework story in clear, easy-to-follow detail. The infrastructure and inner workings are highlighted as needed and where they relate to particular features. This book clearly explains what Entity Framework can do for the reader, without getting sidetracked in the theoretical details of implementation. It is an ideal resource for the developer who needs to implement a solution using Microsoft technologies and has made the decision to use the Entity Framework.

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Average Rating: 2.7142857142857144 out of 5 rating Based on 7 Ratings

"Really?" - by Ben Sheppard on 17-JUL-2012
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I've only been a professional programmer for about a year now, and my boss wanted to give EF a second chance. He had me start to read about it, and I chose this book. Even with my short experience in the field, I could not get through the second chapter.

I don't know if it is just the example that they chose, but the authors did a VERY poor job of convincing me to consider EF.

"Avoid over-normalization by adding 3 sets of address fields to the table." "Combine all Supplier and Customer properties into one table to avoid the overhead of having to pull information from more than one table." "There's no way to subclass via databases."

You have got to be kidding me. I've done all of those things in the first three months at my job. I wouldn't trust these authors with anything.

Entity Framework might be nice to make things easier for people who don't know what they're doing, but I'm not wasting my time with this book to find out any more from those guys.

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"Solid introduction with useful set of examples" - by Stefan on 25-DEC-2011
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A bit random in style and flow (would do with a proper editor cut I guess), but still solid introduction to EF 4.0.
Hopefully, Manning is already ironing the content (grama, source code misspells) for the 2nd edition. As the lack of serious coverage of the EF newest version is a bit shameful, especially taking on account that the book was released two months after the EF 4.1.

Although, twice as long, I'd recommend the Julia Lerman's Programming Entity Framework (2nd ed) especially as she now gets the accompanying  Programming Entity Framework: Code First.

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"Entity Framework 4 in Action" - by Joeyman on 28-OCT-2011
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I usually love the format of Manning books but there is a ton of technical errors. This book needs a good editor. There are errors in the code and the book jumps around expecting you to figure out what you should do next in the teaching application.
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