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Section D.2. FuseSource - Pg. 483

appendix D The Camel community As with any open source project, the community behind it is extremely important. We think of community as an all-encompassing term for the official website, mailing lists, the issue tracker, Camel users, projects based on or extending Camel, and much more. It's hard to measure how vibrant a community is when it has this many moving parts, but it's important. Having a stagnant or small community will make your (the user's) experience more difficult when things go wrong and during development in general. We think Camel's community is highly active and expand- ing, so you are in luck! In this appendix we cover some main aspects of the Camel community. D.1 Apache Camel website The Apache Camel website,, will be your main resource when using Camel. You may have already noticed that we reference pages from the Camel website throughout the book. That's no mistake--it's a good resource for us too. On the Camel website, you'll find links for downloads, documentation, support, and many other topics. D.2 FuseSource FuseSource is a company that offers a productized version of Apache Camel, as well as training, consulting, and enterprise subscriptions to help IT organizations build mission-critical applications with Apache Camel. FuseSource does the same for other popular Apache projects, including ServiceMix, Active MQ , and CXF . The FuseSource team includes founders, PMC members, and many of the committers to Apache Camel, and they know the code better than anyone else does. The FuseSource website includes free downloads, documentation, training videos, 483