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Part 3: ASP.NET MVC - Pg. 185

Part 3 ASP.NET MVC n part 2, we took a look at ASP . NET Web Forms. You might not know it, but using ASP . NET Web Forms isn't the only way to produce the UI ; in part 3, we're going to investigate the option of building your UI with ASP . NET MVC . ASP . NET MVC is a new option added in ASP . NET 3.5 SP1 and directly inte- grated into ASP . NET 4.0 as ASP . NET MVC 2.0. It's not the new Web Forms, but a completely different approach to solving the same problems. ASP . NET MVC lets you use the Model-View-Controller ( MVC ) pattern and is built with testability and great markup control in mind. Chapter 8 gives you an introduction to ASP . NET MVC and shows the potential that this new toolkit offers when you're building the UI . You'll learn how to per- form the basic actions that you're already acquainted with in ASP . NET Web Forms. Chapter 9 covers customizing and extending ASP . NET MVC to unlock its full potential. I