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Chapter 5. Designing your site with them... > Understanding theme conventions - Pg. 146

146 C HAPTER 5 Designing your site with themes and layout templates When you deploy the theme, Liferay will make it available as usual. But when you select the theme for your pages, you'll get a choice of color schemes to go along with it. Let's next look at the styling conventions used in Liferay themes. 5.5 Understanding theme conventions As with any complex system, themes use conventions that make reading the code and performing certain repeated functions easier. Theme conventions are used throughout Liferay's code; I'll list them in this section so that if you ever need to modify a Liferay theme or make your code conform to Liferay's conventions, you'll have an easier time. The conventions are divided into two categories: one for styles and one for CSS coding. 5.5.1 Using Liferay's styling conventions It would be beyond the scope of this book to go over CSS and styling in general, but I can give you an introduction to Liferay's styling conventions so you can see how they're generally organized. Liferay's various styles are divided into several CSS files that group the styles under relevant categories. Additionally, you can use some global styles to apply browser- or OS -specific styling to themes. This, of course, enables you to easily support your look and feel on multiple browsers on multiple OS s using multiple rendering engines to