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Part 2: Writing applications on Liferay’... > MVC the Liferay way - Pg. 91

MVC the Liferay way This chapter covers The MVC design pattern Liferay's implementation of MVC: MVCPortlet Control panel portlets Liferay JSP patterns and objects, including ThemeDisplay Tag libraries such as the search container and AlloyUI Taglibs Internationalization in Liferay Liferay permissions I hope you didn't have a visceral reaction to the first three letters in the chapter title. If you did, I certainly can understand why. MVC (which stands for Model-View- Controller) is probably one of the most overused buzzwords (if you can call an abbreviation a buzzword) you'll see. Framework after framework has been released, all claiming to implement MVC in one way or another. At the time of this writing, the Wikipedia article on MVC lists a total of 17 MVC frameworks for Java alone. They seem to keep multiplying like some kind of virus. 91