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Theatrical techniques - Pg. 88

\ Introduction \\ One-off stores \ / Cinematic techniques / / What is branding? / Branding and Identity Exhibition media Theatrical techniques A theatrical approach to exhibition design divides up the space to create a series of `sets' through which and within which the audience can move. Changes in height, scale, colour, sound, texture, surface and lighting all affect the atmosphere and character of the space, communicating particular spatial messages that act as a subliminal backdrop to the narrative. = GOODBYE & HELLO: DIALOGUE WITH THE BEYOND, MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATION Bern, Switzerland = = DESIGNER GEWERK DESIGN DATE 2008 This exhibition explored the idea of `afterlife experiences'. The space, lined with black and white stripes, generated false perspectives and spatial illusions aimed at disturbing the visitor's perception and orientation. Accented with red pillars, the design successfully created an unknown and foreign environment to evoke `the hereafter'.