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Acknowledgements and picture credits - Pg. 176

Acknowledgements and picture credits Acknowledgements We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the design firms and individuals who generously supplied images and provided information about the projects featured in this book. We are also deeply appreciative of our home institution, the Department of Landscape Architecture and College of Built Environments at the University of Washington, Seattle. The agenda and interdisciplinary focus of this institution enables faculty and students to explore theories and applications across a broad scope of interests in the built environment, and particularly urban ecological design. Specifically, we would like to thank Tera Hatfield for her research and development of diagrammatic images. At AVA Publishing we are grateful to Renée Last for her patience, openness to presentation approaches, and artful editing. Lynsey Brough assisted with sourcing many of the book images, and Atelier David Smith ( designed the book. We are especially indebted to our families, particularly our partners Paul and Anna, who patiently supported us as we developed the book's narrative, visited projects, and immersed ourselves in understanding and furthering the principles and practices of ecological design. Picture credits Cover: Courtesy of Nancy Rottle. 2: Courtesy of Lorna Jordan. 4­5, 29, 58, 79, 117: Courtesy of Kongjian Yu/Turenscape. 7, 8­9 (top), 11, 15, 22­23, 32­33, 36­37, 52 (top), 55, 56­57, 60­61, 71 (bottom), 72­77, 87 (top), 88­89, 99 (bottom image), 104, 109 (middle image), 125 (lower right), 132­141, 147 (top two), 157 (Waiatarua images), 158­159, 168: All courtesy of Nancy Rottle. 9, 25 (top): Courtesy of Richard Haag. 12, 34: Courtesy of SvR Design. 16­17: Courtesy of Wraight Athfield Landscape + Architecture Limited. 19: Diagram courtesy of Tera Hatfield. Image courtesy of Helen Hyun-Kyung Park. 20­21, 44­45: 21 (aerial image), 100­101 (top image): Courtesy of Paul Joseph Brown, 22­23: Courtesy of the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic site. 25: Diagrams courtesy of The Berger Partnership. Bottom image courtesy of The Bloedel Reserve, photography by Richard A Brown. 26­27: Prescribed burn image courtesy of Pat Drackett for Crosby Arboretum. Aerial image courtesy of Lynn Crosby Gammill and the Fay Jones Collection (Special Collections), University of Arkansas Libraries. 31, 62, 68­69, 86­87 (bottom), 164: Courtesy of Ken Yocom. 39, 40: Courtesy of Tera Hatfield. 41, 42­43: Courtesy of Tera Hatfield and Jordan Bell. 45: Courtesy of Scott Wayo at Oberlin College. 47: Courtesy of Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture. 48­49, 115: © Atelier Dreiseitl. 50­51: Courtesy of SvR Design and Mithun. 52­53: Courtesy of Spackman, Mossop + Michaels. 54: © ZEALANDIA, Wellington, New Zealand. 64­65: Courtesy of Palmbout Urban Landscapes. 66­67: Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture. 71 (top): Courtesy of Mississippi State University. 78: © All rights reserved. Regenesis 2000-2010 ­ Contact Bill Reid, for permission to use. 81, 82 (left), 92, 107: Courtesy of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA), Inc. 82 (right): Courtesy of Annie O'Neill. 85, 124­125: Courtesy of Mithun and The Berger Partnership. 86­87 (bottom), 125 (left and top): Courtesy of Alison Blake. 91: Diagram by Susan Buis and Linda Krippner. 93: Courtesy of Julie Johnson. 94­95: Courtesy of David Bramer. 97: Courtesy of Jeff Hou (top) and Eric Scharnhorst (bottom). 98­99 (top): Courtesy of Daniel Winterbottom. 100­101 (bottom image): © J A Brennan Associates. 102­103: Renderings created by James Corner Field Operations. Useage courtesy of the City of New York. Photograph courtesy of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. 109: Courtesy of Isthmus ( and Architecture Workshop. 111: Courtesy of The Berger Partnership and Sheldon Associates. 113: Courtesy of Bill Timmerman. 119: © Latz+Partner. 121: Courtesy of Helen Hyun-Kyung Park. 123, 126: Courtesy of LMN and DA/MCM, Architecture. 128: Cedar River Watershed/Lake Washington Basin courtesy of Steve Barrett, Environmental Assessment Program, Washington Department of Ecology. Seattle Watersheds courtesy of Kari Stiles, University of Washington Department of Landscape Architecture. 129: Courtesy of the Sightline Institute. 130: Courtesy of the University of Washington, Seattle 131: Courtesy of Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. 142­143: Courtesy of Peter Elenbaas. 144­145, 162­163: Courtesy of PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc. 147: Courtesy of SvR Design (except top two images). Aerial by Morgan Sylvan. 148­149: © Environmental Services, City of Portland, Oregon, USA. 150­153: Courtesy of Nevue Ngan Associates. 154­155: © Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd. Photography by Juan Rois. 157: Westergasfabriek © Gustafson Porter Limited. 161: Bottom image courtesy of Simon Devitt. Drawing and top image courtesy of the Isthmus Group. The rest of the images courtesy of Nancy Rottle. 165: Courtesy of Geoff Piper, five dot design build, 167: Courtesy of The Berger Partnership. All reasonable attempts have been made to trace, clear and credit the copyright holders of the images reproduced in this book. However, if any credits have been inadvertently omitted, the publisher will endeavour to incorporate amendments in future editions. Ecological Design Index Acknowledgements and picture credits Working with ethics