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5.4 Strukturen > 5.4 Strukturen - Pg. 140

Kapitel 5 Listing 5.32 (Forts.) Beispiel für eine Struktur Visual Basic 10 OOP Sub New(ByVal personalNummer As String) Me.PersonalNummer = personalNummer End Sub Private mPersonalNummer As String Property PersonalNummer() As String Get Return mPersonalNummer End Get Set(ByVal value As String) mPersonalNummer = value End Set End Property Private mAlter As Short Public Property Alter() As Short Get Return mAlter End Get Private Set(ByVal value As Short) If value >= 0 And value < 150 Then mAlter = value RaiseEvent AlterChanged (Me, New EventArgs()) Else Throw New Exception("Ungültiges Alter") End If End Set