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Lesson 11. Publishing Smart Templates fo... > Modifying Effects Presets

Modifying Effects Presets

The beautiful thing about all these titles in the Titles Browser (and just about all the transitions, effects, and generators in their respective browsers) is that they were created using Motion. This means that you can modify them in Motion! Although these presets are very flexible, if you can’t get them to look precisely the way you want, you can open a copy in Motion, and change the preset to suit your purpose exactly. In this exercise, you’ll make a few changes to the Left title to make it a better match for the Audi project.

In the Titles Browser, Control-click (or right-click) the Boxes > Left thumbnail, and from the shortcut menu, choose “Open a copy in Motion.”

The title opens in Motion with the name Left Copy.moti. The .moti indicates that this project is a Motion Title project. In the Layers list, you’ll find a new layer called a rig with two layers beneath it: Color and Shape. These layers are “widgets.” You’ll create your own Rig and widgets in Lesson 12.

Select the Color widget, and press F4 to open the Widget Inspector.

The Color pop-up menu contains the same color options you saw in Final Cut Pro. Let’s add a new item to the list.

From the Color pop-up menu, choose Purple (the last option). Click the Add (+) button next to the Color pop-up menu, and in the highlighted Color field, type Red.

By selecting the last menu item before adding a new one, your new menu option appears at the bottom of the list.

Use the color picker to change the color of the middle color swatch to a light red, and then change the color of the bottom color swatch to a darker red.


The top swatch for the text color has no visible effect because the text within the colored shape is transparent.

Let’s also change the default shape and font so that you won’t need to make these changes in Final Cut Pro.

In the Layers list, select the Shape widget; and in the Widget Inspector, from the Shape pop-up menu, choose Arrow.

Open the Scene 2 group, the Lower 3rd group, and the text group. Select the Title 1 text layer, and use the HUD to change the font to Arial Bold and Size to 46. Then change the Title 2 text layer to Arial Regular and its Size value to 52.

Select the Gradient layer. In the Canvas, Control-click the gradient to choose the Edit Position tool, and drag the rightmost color tag to the left to brighten more of the arrow tip.

Press Shift-S to return to the Select/Transform tool, and then press Command-S to save your work.

Because this project is a “.moti” title project, it is automatically published to the Titles Browser in Final Cut Pro. Let’s see for ourselves.

Press Command-Tab to switch to Final Cut Pro X. The title in the Timeline hasn’t changed. When you change a Final Cut Pro effect project in Motion, only the Browser copy is changed.

In the Titles Browser, reselect the Lower Thirds category, and scroll down to the Boxes section.

There’s your new “Left Copy” title, and its preview reflects the new default color and arrow shape.


“Left Copy” may not be the best name for this title. While you could choose Save As in Motion to change the name, the “Left Copy” project would remain in the Titles Browser. To change the name, in the Finder, navigate to User/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/Lower Thirds/Boxes. Rename the Left Copy folder and the Left Copy.moti Motion project as you want. Then quit and reopen Final Cut Pro.

With the title still selected in the Timeline (as indicated by the gray outline), in the Titles Browser, double-click the Left Copy title to update the Timeline version.

The Timeline title name updates to Left Copy, and the design updates in the Viewer. Notice, however, that the custom text you previously entered remains intact, so you don’t need to retype it.

Move the playhead to the start of the title, and play the project to watch the animation. Clearly, a viewer won’t have enough time to comfortably read the full title.

Drag the right edge of the title to extend its duration by 2 seconds, and then play the title. It now lasts long enough to read.


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