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Chapter 3: Modeling I > Modeling NURBS Surfaces

Modeling NURBS Surfaces

To start the model of the space girl, begin by creating the helmet from a simple NURBS sphere:

  1. Continue with the scene from the previous section, or open the scene from the chapter3\scenes folder on the DVD. Make sure the images are visible on the image planes. You can find the source files for these images in the chapter3\sourceimages folder.
  2. Make sure you are on the Surfaces menu set. Choose Create images NURBS Primitives images Sphere to create a sphere at the origin. If you have Interactive Creation active in the NURBS Primitives menu, you will be prompted to draw the sphere on the grid (we find Interactive Creation a bit of a nuisance and usually disable it).
  3. In the Channel Box for the sphere, click the makeNurbSphere1 node. If this node is not visible in the Channel Box, you need to enable the construction history and remake the sphere (click the icon that looks like a script on the status bar, as shown in Figure 3.21). The construction history needs to be on for this lesson. Make sure Sections is set to 8 and Spans is set to 4. Set the Radius value to 1.0.


    FIGURE 3.21 You can turn on the construction history by clicking the script icon in the status bar at the top of the interface.


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