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Chapter 10: 3ds Max Lighting > Light Lister - Pg. 512

512 Chapter 10 : 3ds Max Lighting volume Light Parameters The default parameters for a volume light will give you some nice volume in the light for most scenes, right off the bat. If you want to adjust the volume settings, you can edit the following parameters: Exponential The density of the volume light will increase exponentially with distance. By default (Exponential is off), density will increase linearly with distance. You will want to enable Exponential only when you need to render transparent objects in volume fog. Density This value sets the fog's density. The denser the fog is, the more light will reflect off the fog inside the volume. The most realistic fogs can be rendered with about 2 to 6 percent Density value. Most of the parameters are for troubleshooting volume problems in your scene if it is not rendering very well. Sometimes you just don't know what that problem is and you have to experiment with switches and buttons. The Noise settings are another cool fea- ture to add some randomness to your volume: Noise On This toggles the noise on and off. Render times will increase slightly with Noise enabled for the volume. Amount This is the amount of noise that is applied to the fog. A value of 0 creates no