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Preface > How to Contact Us

How to Contact Us

We have tested and verified the information in this book to the best of our ability, but you may find that features have changed (or even that we have made mistakes!). As a reader of this book, you can help us to improve future editions by sending us your feedback. Please let us know about any errors, inaccuracies, bugs, misleading or confusing statements, and typos that you find anywhere in this book.

Please also let us know what we can do to make this book more useful to you. We take your comments seriously and will try to incorporate reasonable suggestions into future editions. You can write to us at:

O'Reilly Media, Inc.
1005 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(800) 998-9938 (in the U.S. or Canada)
(707) 829-0515 (international/local)
(707) 829-0104 (fax)

To comment on the book, send email to:

The web site for Astronomy Hacks lists examples, errata, and plans for future editions. You can find this page at:

For more information about this book and others, see the O'Reilly web site:

To contact one of the authors directly, send mail to:

We read all mail we receive from readers, but we cannot respond individually. If we did, we'd have no time to do anything else. But we do like to hear from readers.

We also maintain a messageboard, where you can read and post messages about astronomy topics. You can read messages as a guest, but if you want to post messages, you must register as a member of the messageboard. We keep registration information confidential, and you can choose to have your mail address hidden on any messages you post.

We each maintain personal journal pages, updated frequently, which often includes references to astronomy gear, our own observing sessions, upcoming astronomical events, and other things we think are interesting. You can view these journal pages at:

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