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Glossary 237 a high-energy gamma-ray NASA satellite mission launched in 2008. The on-board instruments can detect GRBs over the photon energy range of 150 keV to 300 GeV. The Large Area Telescope (LAT) has the best imaging resolution, and most LAT-detected GRBs have led to the detection of an afterglow. Fermi: Fireball: a hot mixture of (charged) particles, photons, and magnetic fields. The particles move fast with random motions. In the context of the early evolution of a GRB, the fireball carries the energy deposited near the central engine (§2.3) and expands outward radially. Fluence: the energy collected per unit area. It is the integral over time of the flux from a source. Fluence is related to the total energy output of a source, and flux is related to the instantaneous