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Key Terms

Key Terms

Don’t let unfamiliar terms discourage you from learning all you can about Roxio Easy Media Creator 8. If you don’t completely understand what one of these words means, flip to the indicated page, read the full definition there, and find techniques related to that term.

Alignment How an object is lined up in relation to other objects, or how text is lined up in relation to its text box.

Page 188

Aspect ratio The width to height ratio to which a video is formatted.


AVI DV The largest and highest quality video file format. Captured on a MiniDV tape as a DV file and imported into the computer as an AVI file.


Backup A selection of files that are copied from their original location and stored in a new location, providing a reserve copy in case the original files are lost.


Balance The volume of the right channel relative to the volume of the left channel of audio.


Canvas The total working area that an image file is capable of using.


Capture To convert audio, photos, and video to files that can be read and duplicated by your computer.


Chroma key A transparency effect based on color, or the exact color that is used for the transparency effect.


Color panel A still frame in a video production or slideshow that is created by choosing a solid color for the background. It can be used to break up portions of the production or as a menu. A color panel has all the attributes of a still shot. It’s also called a blank slide.


Compression Collapsing the free space inside files so they require a smaller amount of storage space.


Convert To change a file from one format to another.


Crop To delete the unselected portion of a file.


Cutout An area of an image that has been cut from a larger area.


Data disc A CD or DVD with files on it that can be read using a CD or DVD drive in a computer.


Disc image The contents of an entire CD or DVD that has been turned into a single image file.


DPI (dots per inch) A term used to quantify the digital dots per actual inch of an image. For instance, 300 dpi means that a printed image has 300× 300 (90,000) dots per square inch. The higher the dpi is, the higher the quality of the printed image is.

Page 132

Emulated drive A logical drive that acts like a physical disk drive in the computer. Drive letters can be assigned to it and it shows up in Windows Explorer.


Encryption Using a numeric algorithm to control access to files by requiring a password to access them.


Exposure The amount of light a photo is exposed to as it is being taken, usually determined by the aperture of the lens.


File extension A set of characters (typically 3 characters) after the last . in a filename that denotes what type of data is contained in the file.


FireWire The common cable format used for transferring video from one device to another.


Frame rate The number of frames that appear in every second of video.


Horizontal scaling Adjusts the width of text in a project based on a scale of 1% to 100%.


Import To place a file on the computer. You can import by digitizing an external source such as audio, video, or a photo, or you can import files from another digital source, such as an external hard drive or a network.


Internal track A text or a special effect that is linked to a specific video or photo file.


Jukebox disc A music CD that is made up of MP3 files and folders. It can hold a lot more than a conventional CD and the folders become playlists.


Key frame A frame within a video that sets a definition for the frames around it.


Layer A separate component within a larger project that can be manipulated independently of the other components of the project.


Luma key A transparency effect based on luminance, or the exact luminance used for the transparency effect.

Page 326

Mask An area that overlays part of an image like a stencil so the effects applied to the rest of the image do not apply to the masked portion of the image.


Menu style A template for the menu that has predefined elements, such as the background, font, and layout.


Mixed-mode disc A disc that includes both audio and data tracks that can be read by a computer.


Motion The term used to denote the entrance style of a text effect or overlay. For instance, if you choose to set a flying motion, your text flies into the frame rather than just appearing or being subject to the transition.


MPEG-2 The video file format used for DVD videos. This file format is more compressed than the AVI DV formats and therefore slightly inferior.


Nodes The handles on the borders of an object that allow you to move it or re-adjust its size.


Overlay One image that is laid on top of another to create a layered effect.


Pan & Zoom An effect that sets a new center point in an image, zooms into the image, or both.


Pixel One single dot within a photo or image. The higher the density of the pixels, the less digitized, or blocky, the photo looks.


Placeholder Placeholders are photos or text that have been preformatted with specific settings to fit in the template. They are an example to allow you to see where you can add photos and text to the template. You replace these with your own photos and text.


Playlist A file that contains a list of music tracks, usually with something in common, that can be played together.


Plug and Burn Burning a DVD directly from a camcorder without having to store the movie on a hard disk.


Pocket Editor An application within Easy Media Creator that allows you to quickly edit an image that has already been added to a project.


Rip To extract a track or tracks from a CD or DVD and import it into your computer.


Saturation The density of color present in an image.

Page 146

Slideshow A sequence of pictures that are added together to create a video.


Smart scan The ability of Roxio Media Import to detect individual recording sessions on the same tape and create separate thumbnails for each allowing you to choose the sessions to import.


Smart menu A menu that is automatically created based on the content of the DVD.


Storyline A view of a video production that only shows the vido track. It is defined by a storyboard panel for each scene.


Tags Embedded data for a particular file. A tag can be added to an audio file, a data file, a photo file, or a video file. A tag can also have several components, such as a date, title, and so forth.


Taskbar A group of icons that usually appears at the top of any application you are using, although it is also very common to see them down one side. These icons make it convenient to complete tasks just by pointing and clicking. A taskbar is sometimes called a toolbar or toolbox.


Template Predefined settings that are applied to a project that save time by automatically setting up basic features.


Timeline A view of a video production that shows all the tracks at once. It is defined by a continuous video line that is clearly marked by time increments.


Tint The level of a specific color tone in an image. For instance, a photo taken under fluorescent lighting usually has a yellow tint.


Track One continuous line of data on a CD or DVD. On an audio CD, this equates to one song, on a DVD each chapter or movie file is its own track, and there is one track created for each burn session on a data disc.


Transition An effect that defines the change from one video scene to the next.


USB A port on the computer that allows you to connect peripheral devices such as cameras, hard drives, MP3 players, and so forth.


Video clip A portion of video that has been captured continuously as one file or object. You can create more than one clip within a video file by splitting the file into two or more clips.



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