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Chapter 18. Audio Tracks > Inspector Sections

Inspector Sections

By default, the Inspector displays the audio settings at the top, followed by the Inserts, Equalizers, Sends, Channel, and Notepad sections. You can customize which sections the Inspector displays by right-clicking (PC)/Control-clicking (Mac) over a section’s header. A context menu will reveal a number of additional sections, including an EQ Curve display, studio sends (which can be used to route the track to a headphone mix, for example), a graphic Surround Pan display, and a User Panel. All these sections share a few functionalities:

  • Click on the section header to expand the section and reveal its controls, hiding all others.

  • Hold the Ctrl key (PC)/ key (Mac) while clicking on a header to expand the section’s controls without collapsing any other Inspector sections that are already open. For example, this will be particularly useful for keeping both the Equalizers and Equalizer Curve sections of the Inspector, discussed later in this chapter, open simultaneously.

  • The Inserts, Equalizers, Sends, and Studio Sends sections offer a bypass button. This control lets you bypass these entire sections with a single click. The Track List, the Channel section of the Inspector, and the Mixer window also offer Insert, EQ, or Sends state buttons that perform a similar function for bypassing these entire sections on a channel. Whenever the bypass function is enabled, this button in the Inspector becomes yellow. An indicator at the right end of these same sections of the Inspector also indicates whether any insert, equalizer band, or send is currently active within them, as shown in Figure 18.5.

    Figure 18.5. The Bypass and Show Active states features associated with the Inspector.

  • The Inserts and Equalizers sections offer a Preset Management button that lets you load, save, or manage presets for these sections.


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