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Chapter 11. Working with File-Based Medi... > Working with File-Based Media - Pg. 300

300 Working with File-Based Media Working with File-Based Media N O T E You cannot import GFCAM media into the Avid system. You must use the AMA workflow with GFCAM media. To bring file-based media into your system, you have the option to use the Avid Media Access (AMA) method, which links the media directly into a bin, or to use the non-AMA method, which imports the media onto your system, creating new Avid media files. When working with high-resolution media, the AMA method is the preferred and faster method. T H E T R AD I T I O NAL I M P O R T W O R K F L OW In a traditional workflow, you import file-based media into your bin from a third-party volume (for example, a P2 or XDCAM device) by selecting File > Import P2 (or Import XDCAM Proxy). Prior to AMA, this was the only way to access P2 or XDCAM files.