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Chapter 8. Downloading Music from the iT... > Introducing iTunes in the Cloud - Pg. 104

104 PA R T I I Downloading Music 8 Once you choose to purchase a track or album, you're prompted as to whether you really want to make the purchase. (This ensures you don't click the Buy button by mistake.) When you confirm your intention, iTunes auto- matically charges your credit card and begins downloading the purchased music. All items you purchase from the iTunes Store (music and other items) are listed when you click Purchased in the Quick Links section of the iTunes Store home page. As you can see in Figure 8.9, the Purchased page is organ- ized by type of item purchased (Music, TV Shows, Apps, and Books), and then by artist. To redownload a purchased item (or your entire library, if you lose it in some disaster), click the cloud button to the right of a track. FIGURE 8.9 Viewing a list of all items purchased from the iTunes Store. Introducing iTunes in the Cloud Apple recently added a new feature to the iTunes Store, dubbed iTunes in the Cloud. This feature merges traditional store features with cloud-based storage to provide the songs you purchase to any Internet-connected device.