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Chapter 4. Creating More Score Elements

4. Creating More Score Elements

Essential Tips for Chapter 4

  1. You can copy any selected element by holding down Alt/Option and clicking in the destination.

  2. If you want to Alt/Option-click and ensure that your paste retains its proper “default position,” hold down Shift while Alt/Option-clicking.

  3. When you add any text-based markings, such as dynamics or expressions, don’t forget about word menus. You can right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) and see a list of default choices for the text with which you’re working.

  4. You can create slurs using a single shortcut key: S.

  5. You can create a crescendo/hairpin using a single shortcut key: H.

  6. In Sibelius, if you want something to do the reverse of the normal action, hold down Shift. Want a slur on the other side? Press Shift+S. Want a diminuendo (reverse hairpin)? Press Shift+H.

  7. Slurs, hairpins, and other lines will draw themselves automatically for as long as you’ve selected. If you pre-select a range of notes before you add a line, Sibelius will make the line fit perfectly.

  8. Symbols from the Symbols window (Z) don’t ever play back.

  9. You can extend slurs, hairpins, and lines by pressing the spacebar, which will extend the slur, hairpin, or line to the right. If you go too far and need to step back, use Shift+spacebar to retract the slur, hairpin, or line.

We’re still in the Create section of this book, and it’s going to take another chapter after this one to get through all the wonderful creations you can add to your scores. This chapter will add the next level of score elements for you: expression markings, slurs, hairpins, symbols, lines, and rehearsal markings. As always, anything you can create is found in the Create menu.


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