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Part I: The importance of brand identity > No escape! (33 logos in 33 minutes) - Pg. 8

Chapter two It's the stories we tell Why is branding important? Because people often choose products based on their perceived value rather than their actual value. Think about the celebrity who drives an Aston Martin instead of, say, a Skoda, which is continually ranked "car of the year" in many European countries and delivers much better mileage at a significantly cheaper price. Sure, Skoda is the logical choice, but it's Aston Martin's identity, which conjures images of luxury and status, that usually clinches the sale. Then there's Lexus versus Scion. Which would most people pay more for, and why? Scion By Fresh Machine 2002 Lexus By Molly Designs Refined by Siegel+Gale 2002 With the right branding, businesses can increase their product's perceived value, establish relationships with their customers that span ages and borders, and nurture those relationships into a lifelong bond. Of course, it always helps to have a good story to tell. Your job as a designer is to find the story, and tell it wisely. The rest of this chapter shares a few examples of designers who got it just right. 8