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Part Five Some marketing implications - Pg. 171

171 PArT FIVE some marketing implications A t the turn of the century four things that affected our lives as marketers happened simultaneously and independently: 1 The paradigm of why people have emotions changed totally from what it was since Descartes, and even Freud. This is largely ascribed to Damasio, but as I indicated there are several thinkers from different disciplines that had the same thought at about the same time. 2 fMRI became a reality, and brain scanning pictures flooded the media. 3 Bio-measures, like EEG and eye-tracking, despite being very old techniques became popularized in market research. 4 The term neuromarketing came into vogue, partly because of the marketers of bio-measures, against the background of fMRI's popularity and Damasio's theorem. Unfortunately very few marketers realized that these four are largely totally uncorrelated and occurred reasonably independently (ie each would have happened without any of the other three occurring). However, their futures will be increasingly intertwined! Damasio came to his conclusions largely by observation of patients, possibly assisted a bit by fMRI. This led to a paradigm shift. fMRI has actually contributed very little to neuromarketing. Most of what was contributed was by way of sound experimental design based on pre-existing knowledge leading to good hypotheses about how the brain could work being confirmed.