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CHAPTER FOUR: Chilli Beans - Pg. 71

71 Chapter Four Chilli Beans A s we travel the world giving speeches and conducting workshops we are constantly looking out for new, hot, brands ­ the Virgins of the future. We were in São Paulo a year or so ago and were invited to the launch of a new adver- tising campaign for a brand called Chilli Beans, a fashion accessory retailer. The launch was held in a top night club and the venue was chock-full of employees, customers, franchisees and partners. The interesting thing was that we couldn't tell the difference between them ­ they all looked like they belonged to the same club. There seems to be a vibe about Chilli Beans that is mainlined into the music and fashion culture of Brazil. The brand was started by Caito Maia in 1994. He had been studying music at the University of California and he observed how students would wear sunglasses