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Richard Reed ­ chief squeezer > The importance of being natural - Pg. 247

Richard Reed ­ chief squeezer 247 Richard Reed ­ chief squeezer Richard Reed co-founded innocent drinks with two friends, Jon Wright and Adam Balon, in 1999. We came into the market thinking, `We would love there to be something we could have on a daily basis that's completely natural, that's really good for us and tastes delicious.' That was the beginning, to make it easy for people to do them- selves some good and to make it enjoyable. So the original idea of getting fruit, crushing it, putting it into bottles so people could grab one on the way into work in the morning was just a simple solution to what we ourselves, as three 26-year-olds living in London, needed and wanted. We didn't think as manufacturers or as pro- ducers or as investors. We didn't think about what was the most profitable, we didn't think about what was the easiest or most convenient. We thought: `Given that we're drinking these each day, what do we want them to be made from?' The importance of being natural The whole business can be summed up in one word: `natural'. We didn't invent smoothies but we were the