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Introduction > Saying Your Business Is ``On the internet'' Is Like Saying It's ... - Pg. 4

4 introduction transformation was striking: Go for a walk in the woods of New Hamp- shire or Vermont and you'll still see the proliferation of old stone walls and foundations that attest to the abandoned farms and homesteads of this era. 4 Or just remember your poetry. This New England exodus is the backstory of Robert Frost's stuck-in-his-ways neighbor still trying to mend a fence: He doesn't realize times have changed and the fence, at most, is now preventing runaway trees. There are no cattle to contain anymore. You can't afford to be similarly left behind by today's transformational technologies. So many things have changed and continue to change in the world of commerce. For example, our sense of timeliness: What was plenty fast this time last year feels draggy now to the very same customers because of changing expectations brought by mobile technology, social media­induced restlessness, the incredible efficiency of vendors like, and other factors. It's crucial to invest brain cells, time, and money to keep up with what it takes to hold on to your customers, now