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CHAPTER 10 Advanced Output--Paper Space > 10.2 Paper Space Concepts - Pg. 201

CHAPTER 10 Advanced Output: Paper Space Drawing one to one, however, creates a whole new set of problems. How do you output a design that may be dozens or hundreds of feet across, onto a paper that is generally only 3 or 4 feet wide? Furthermore, this design has to be framed by a title block or title page that itself has to be drawn one to one, so as to not violate the Golden Rule. The solution is elegant, simple in principle, and has stood the test of time. The idea is as follows. Draw the design in one area of AutoCAD, called Model Space, then draw the title block in another unconnected and unrelated area, called Paper Space. Finally, connect the two together via a clever concept, called a viewport, which is simply a "window" looking in from Paper Space onto Model Space. This viewport is then assigned an appropriate scale; and if everything is drawn (and then printed) one to one from Paper Space, then the design comes out to scale and the problem is resolved. This in essence is Paper Space: nothing more than a technique to separate the two worlds and then reconcile them in a meaningful way to get around the tricky problem of a finite size piece of paper holding a much larger design. Be sure you understand the previous few paragraphs completely. The reasons behind everything outlined from here on will be easier to see once you have a good idea of why we are doing what we are doing. 10.2 PAPER SPACE CONCEPTS