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Chapter 13: Managing External References > Exploring Further on Your Own

Exploring Further on Your Own

What follows are a few additional operations and features that you might find useful when you delve more deeply into external references. Play around a little and see what you can do:

  • Externally referenced drawings can also be hosts and have drawings externally referenced to them. These are called nested xrefs. There is no practical limit to the number of levels of nested xrefs that a drawing can have.
  • You can’t explode an xref, but you can detach it from the host. The DETACH command is on the context menu that appears when you right-click an xref in the External References palette.
  • Large, complex drawings that are externally referenced often have their insertion points coordinated in such a way that all xrefs are attached at the 0,0 point of the host drawing. This helps keep drawings aligned properly. By default, any drawing that is externally referenced into a host drawing uses 0,0 as its insertion point. However, you can change the coordinates of the insertion point with the BASE command. With the drawing you want to change current, enter BASE and enter the coordinates for the new insertion point.


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