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Core question: `Are you customer focused?' > Professional knowledge - Pg. 136

136 ULTIMATE INTERVIEW This is another of those questions that might prompt a follow-up, asking you to recount a situation where you did less well. They want to see if you can learn from experience, so pick an example that shows you doing your best in difficult circum- stances but not quite getting there. What did you learn from the experience and, most importantly, what did you do differently next time as a result? Q `What are you like at influencing and persuading?' Q `Tell me about a time you had to persuade someone to do something they weren't keen to do.' You need to be persuasive and have good influencing skills, especially towards the sales end of customer relations, but in other positions too. Give a couple of anec- dotes that show you using your powers of persuasion. Pick situations that show you persuading someone to do or have something that was for their own good or in their best interests, or the best interests of the company or group as a whole. This avoids you appearing Machiavellian and manipulative. Describe how you used your inter- personal skills to get on their wavelength, listened to their point of view, and then went through your proposal, emphasizing the benefits before arriving at a mutually satisfactory conclusion.