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09 Handling your subordinates > Motivational techniques - Pg. 56

56 THE PEOPLE 4 Praise in public; criticise in private. Never humiliate a subordinate. You want them on your side, not working against you. 5 Don't lose your temper and never yell and shout. It just makes you look weak, foolish and out of control. 6 Demonstrate empathy and the ability to understand their own individual points of view. Make them feel understood and their opinions recognised. 7 Do demand the best of people that they can achieve ­ but be aware of their limitations and don't make excessive demands; it's counterproductive. 8 If a subordinate comes to you for help, give them the time and attention they deserve. It's your job to help them ­ and to teach them how to help themselves. 9 Remember that you're not God. You don't know it all. A little humility and a little less arrogance will only increase your subordinates' opinion of you. 10 You'll most likely be somebody else's subordinate. Don't hesitate to seek their advice or intervention if you are worried about how to handle a situation.