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7. Lead with style


Lead with style

The ultimate test of leadership is the top job. As you progress in that direction you need the people above you and the people below you to admire the way you go about leading your team.

Good senior managers can smell a well-motivated, happy team from a mile off. The team members exude confidence. They work hard and make sacrifices.

They display pride in their work and in their membership of what they honestly believe is the best bit of the organisation. Not only that, but everyone, including Human Resources, will know that people are queuing up to get into that team. How do you create this aura?

Some say leaders are born and cannot be created, and it’s true that your basic ability to get on with people is, to some extent, your starting point for being a leader. But there are a number of leadership techniques that develop your natural ability to make things happen. Think about motivation – leadership is the skill of persuading people to co-operate willingly to achieve results. The willingly is key: you cannot force motivation on people; they have to want to do a good job. Motivation occurs when people feel that they’re able to make their very best contribution.


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