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Chapter 6: Administration > Protecting IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for... - Pg. 222

To get more information about Data Manager for Chargeback see "Appendix A. Using IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data for Chargeback" in IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data: User's Guide 2.1, GC32-1728. 6.10 Migrating user-defined object To migrate user-define objects between Data Managers, use an export utility. This utility is available only from a command line. Exporting an object enables you to define that object once and re-use it with the jobs on another Data Manager. You can migrate the following objects between Data Managers: Groups Profiles Constraints Batch Reports User-Defined Objects are exported to a file, then to reuse them, other Data Managers are imported from this file. The export utility is placed in the Data Manager installation directory. The default installation directory is: Windows: \Program Files\IBM\TPC\Data\server\tools UNIX, Linux: /opt/IBM/TPC/Data/server/tools or /usr/IBM/TPC/Data/server/tools The valid command line arguments are: To export user defined objects to a file, type: