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Brain Tumors

A brain tumor can be either primary (originating within the brain) or secondary (spreading to the brain from other cancers, such as breast, lung, pancreas, and so on). Brain tumors occur most often in persons 50–70 years old. Brain tumors that grow (even though there is no malignancy) can cause death due to increasing intracranial pressure. There are several different kinds of brain tumors. These tumors are grouped into specific classes. Table 11.2 identifies some of the tumors with characteristics associated with each type.

Table 11.2. Brain Tumor Categories
Type of TumorCharacteristics
Glioma Brain Tumors: 




Most common types of brain tumors. It is difficult to remove all of an astrocytoma tumor due to infiltration qualities.
Developing Tumors (Angiomas)Composed of abnormal blood vessels.

Most develop in cerebellum.

There is a high risk of brain attack with these tumors.
Tumors That Arise from Support Structures:
MeningiomasSlow-growing tumor that is usually benign and encapsulated.
Acoustic neuromasTumors of the eighth cranial nerve.

Usually arise in auditory meatus.

Tumor might be large before diagnosis.
Pituitary adenomasCan cause pressure on the optic nerves, hypothalamus, or third ventricle.


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