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Chapter 9. Networking > Install and configure a small office home office (SOHO)...

3.2. Install and configure a small office home office (SOHO) network

  • Connection types

  • Dial-up

  • Broadband

  • DSL

  • Cable

  • Satellite

  • ISDN

  • Wireless

  • All 802.11

  • WEP

  • WPA

  • SSID

  • MAC filtering

  • DHCP settings

  • Routers/Access Points

  • Disable DHCP

  • Use static IP

  • Change SSID from default

  • Disable SSID broadcast

  • MAC filtering

  • Change default username and password

  • Update firmware

  • Firewall

  • LAN (10/100/1000BaseT, Speeds)

  • Bluetooth (1.0 vs. 2.0)

  • Cellular

  • Basic VoIP (consumer applications)

  • Basics of hardware and software firewall configuration

  • Port assignment/setting up rules (exceptions)

  • Port forwarding/port triggering

  • Physical installation

  • Wireless router placement

  • Cable length

57.What would you use to connect to a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that supports standard analog signaling?


58.Which of the following protocols establishes the connection for dial-up networking on a computer running Windows?


59.You have a computer running Windows XP. You open Network Connections and click the Create a New Connection link to configure a dial-up connection to your corporation. Which option would you choose to set up a dial-up connection to your company?

A.Connect to the Internet
B.Connect to the Network at My Workplace
C.Set up a Home or Small Office Network
D.Set up an Advanced Connection

60.You have a computer running Windows Vista. You open the Network and Sharing Center and click the Connect to a Network option. Which option would you use to set up a dial-up connection to your company?

A.Connect to the Internet
B.Set up a wireless router or access point
C.Set up a dial-up connection
D.Connect to a workplace

61.Which medium can you use to connect a small office home office (SOHO) computer to an external DSL modem?

A.RG-58 coaxial
B.Category 5 UTP
C.Single-mode fiber optic
D.RS-232 serial cable

62.You have a small home network. You connect to the Internet via a DSL router. To protect yourself, you set up filtering on your DSL router. You soon discover that you cannot access Internet sites by domain name but you can by IP address. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A.You have configured your DSL router to block port 80.
B.You have configured your DSL router to block port 53.
C.Your DSL router is not logged in to the ISP.
D.You do not have IP configured on your client machines.

63.You have purchased a cable modem and a straight-through Category 5e patch cable. You connect the cable modem to your computer via a hub that is already connected to your computer. However, your computer is not able to receive a DHCP address from the cable modem. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A.The cable modem must be directly connected to a computer.
B.The cable modem requires a crossover cable to connect to the hub.
C.The cable modem requires an RG-6 coaxial cable to connect to a hub.
D.The cable modem must use a Category 3 UTP cable to connect to a hub.

64.You use a DSL connection to connect to the Internet. When setting up the network, you connect the DSL modem to the phone outlet using an RJ-11 connector, connect the DSL modem to a router using a CAT5 cable, and plug the DSL modem into a power source. You connect all the PCs to your router using CAT5 cable. You also place line filters on all phone lines and the phone line used for the DSL modem. Unfortunately, none of the PCs can connect to the Internet. What is the most likely solution to this situation?

A.Replace the DSL modem
B.Remove the line filter for the phone line for the DSL modem
C.Connect the DSL modem using an RJ-45 connector to the phone outlet instead
D.Replace the CAT5 cable with coaxial cable

65.A client complains that, after replacing his DSL modem, his home DSL connection isn’t working. When you inspect his computer, you notice that none of the lights on the DSL modem are on, and the only two cables that plug into the DSL modem connect via the RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors. You are able to ping port What is the most likely problem with the DSL?

A.The network interface card (NIC) is improperly set up.
B.The phone line is not plugged into the DSL modem.
C.The Ethernet cable is not plugged into the DSL modem.
D.The power cord is not plugged into the DSL modem.

66.Which device is capable of connecting a computer to a digital data service provided by the local telephone company?

A.V.34 modem
B.Fax machine
C.LAN adapter
D.ISDN adapter

67.You are implementing an ISDN connection to the Internet. How many 64-Kbps channels does a BRI ISDN connection support?


68.A residential customer who has just switched Internet access over to a satellite system has called to find out why she sometimes experiences delays in the satellite system delivering Internet connectivity. How do you explain this delay to the customer?

A.Modern satellite systems should not have a delay period.
B.There is a downlink delay time associated with connecting to the satellite source.
C.The dish requires an azimuth correction period to switch to a different satellite.
D.This is due to connection latency caused by additional parties in the communications link.

69.A traveling user needs to access the company’s network through a wireless access point when he is in the office. What type of hardware do you recommend?

A.An IrDA card
B.An IEEE-1394 adapter
C.An 802.3 adapter
D.An 802.11 adapter

70.A traveling sales member from your company often has meetings with clients on the road. These meetings often occur where there is no Internet access. Unfortunately, the demo that the sales member shows is on the Internet. What type of hardware would you recommend?

A.An IrDA card
B.An IEEE-1394 adapter
C.A cellular wireless card
D.An 802.11 adapter

71.A user who travels frequently and works for a customer that employs static IP addresses at the office has called to complain that she cannot connect to the Internet while on the road. She typically stays in motels that offer free Internet connections in the room, but she cannot take advantage of the service. What should you tell her to do?

A.Tell her that she must configure her network connection to automatically obtain an IP address when traveling and then change it back to the static address in her office.
B.Tell her to get a wireless network card.
C.Tell her to wait until her company switches to DHCP.
D.Tell her to set up Automatic Private IP Addressing in the TCP/IP Properties page.

72.You have a wireless network at home that you use to connect your laptop to the Internet. You purchase a new wireless phone. Now, you cannot connect when you are using your wireless phone. What is the problem?

A.You have exceeded the power requirements for the room.
B.Both the wireless card and the wireless telephone are configured to use the same frequency.
C.You need to modify your firewall to allow both to communicate at the same time.
D.You need to connect the wireless card directly into the wireless phone.

73.You have an office located in a building that contains multiple offices. You install a wireless network in one of the offices but users are constantly getting kicked off the network. What can you do to overcome this problem?

A.Make sure each user has a unique MAC address for each interface. Check SSID to make sure it is unique.
B.Change the channels used in the wireless network to make sure they are different from other networks.
C.Change the IP addresses used for private networks so they are unique within the building.
D.Change the authentication password for the wireless access point.

74.Which of the following are NOT valid WEP key lengths?

A.32 bit
B.40 bit
C.64 bit
D.128 bit

75.The computers on the corporate network run Windows Vista. Each computer has a wireless network adapter. You install a wireless router. You need to help ensure the highest possible level of security for your network without using digital certificates. What should you do?

A.Configure the access point and clients to use the WPA2-Enterprise security type.
B.Configure the access point and clients to use the Shared security type with WEP encryption.
C.Configure the access point and clients to use the WPA-Personal security type with AES encryption.
D.Configure the access point and clients to use the 802.1x security type with the Protected EAP authentication and WEP encryption.

76.Which of the following should you do when setting up a wireless access point?

A.Change the SSID from the default value.
B.Disable SSID broadcast.
C.Change the default username and password.
D.All of the options provided are correct.

77.When you install a new wireless point, what should you do to make sure the wireless point runs with minimum problems?

A.Update the firmware
B.Disable MAC filtering
C.Enable WEP
D.Enable IEEE 802.5 on the access point

78.What is the typical speed of data transfers for wired, network printers?

A.54 Mbps
B.10/100/1000 Mbps
C.24 Mbps
D.480 Mbps

79.At what speed does 10BaseT run?

A.10 Mbps
B.16 Mbps
C.54 Mbps
D.100 Mbps

80.What is the speed of Bluetooth 1.0?

A.1.0 Mbps
B.2.0 Mbps
C.3.0 Mbps
D.4.0 Mbps

81.What is the speed of Bluetooth 2.0?

A.1.0 Mbps
B.2.0 Mbps
C.3.0 Mbps
D.4.0 Mbps

82.You have to have a Bluetooth-enabled handheld device added to a personal area network (PAN). What do you need to do?

A.Configure the passkey and ensure that the device is discoverable
B.Configure the appropriate wireless security method and ensure that the device is discoverable
C.Turn on Network Discovery and configure the passkey
D.Configure the passkey and ensure that the mobile device is Wi-Fi enabled

83.You have a VoIP application. You call a friend, but the phone call is “patchy.” What is the problem?

A.You have to open a port in the firewall.
B.You don’t have enough available bandwidth on the network.
C.You have another application that is using the same port as the VoIP application.
D.The cable length is too long between the computer and the switch.

84.What program or network application uses port 80?


85.What program or network application uses port 21?


86.What program or network application uses port 443?


87.You create a website on your computer that is running Windows XP. You have several computers on your home network, which is protected by a firewall that is built into the access point. What do you need to configure on the firewall so that people from the outside can access your website?

A.You need to enable broadcast on the firewall.
B.You need to configure port forwarding so that HTTP (port 80) traffic is forwarded to your Windows XP computer running IIS.
C.You need to configure authentication for your firewall.
D.You need to configure the Windows XP computer with the default gateway of the firewall.

88.What is the maximum cable length for 10BaseT Ethernet?

A.10 meters
B.50 meters
C.100 meters
D.1000 meters

89.Where should you place your wireless access point in a SOHO?

A.It should be placed centrally within the house.
B.You should place it in the closet at the back of the house.
C.You should place it on the ceiling at the front of the house.
D.You should place it on the ground under a bed or in a cabinet.


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