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Answers and Explanations > Objective 2.2

Objective 2.2

  1. Answer: D. Portable PCs typically use a technique called shared video memory. Under shared memory, the system uses a portion of its main memory to hold screen information for the display. One of the disadvantages of shared memory is that it takes up RAM that applications would normally use. It also causes the system to show less memory capacity than is installed because a portion has been reserved for use with the video display.

  2. Answer: A. The Safely Remove Hardware utility is used to notify the operating system in advance of the removal of USB devices. Because some devices have write caching enabled, corruption or data loss may occur.

  3. Answer: A. System boards for portable computers are not designed to fit a standardized form factor. Instead, they are designed to fit around all the components that must be installed in the system. Therefore, system boards used in portable computers tend to be proprietary to the model they are designed for. Mounting hole positions are determined by where they will best suit the placement of the other system components.

  4. Answer: D. Considering the age and lack of support for a portable PC this old, you should probably let the customer know that it is really not worth upgrading the processor in this system.

  5. Answer: B. In most portable PCs, you can adjust the shared memory allocation through the CMOS Setup utility. Most video-intensive software packages, such as high-end game programs, require at least 64MB of video RAM as a minimum, along with a large installed system memory. To allow your friend’s game software to perform to its fullest, you may want to allocate 128MB or more to shared memory for video.


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