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Chapter 1. Practice Lab > Section 1: LAN Switching and Frame Relay

Section 1: LAN Switching and Frame Relay


This section should be used only if you require clues to complete the questions. In the real CCIE lab, the proctor does not enter into any discussions regarding the questions or answers. He or she is present to ensure that you do not have problems with the lab environment and to maintain the timing element of the exam.

Q:Do you want me to configure the collapsed backbone network by manipulating spanning tree to ensure that switch 1 and switch 2 are the cores for each VLAN in use?
A:You are requested to configure root bridges in a later question.
Q:All the switches are already connected, so I can’t change this unless I shut down some of the connections between switches. Is this acceptable?
Q:Would you like me to VLAN load balance to utilize bandwidth?
A:No, the question directs you how to use the trunks.
Q:Would you like me configure switch 1 to allocate DHCP addresses?
A:No, the question relates to a fictitious DHCP server that would be connected to Fa0/18 on switch 1.
Q:Can I manipulate a helper-address function to answer the DHCP question by using ACLs?
A:No, use a recognized DHCP security–related solution.
Q:Can I configure port security to bind my MAC addresses?
A:No, use a feature that compliments your DHCP solution.
Q:Can I just configure R4 to trunk to switch 2 and have a subinterface in both VLAN45 and VLAN46?
Q:I’ve configured my trunk on switch 2 to R4, and I can’t ping between R4 and R5. Similarly, I can’t ping between R4 and R6. Is there anything else I need to do?
A:Remember, the switches are in VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) Transparent mode. You might want to check that switch 2 has the required VLANs configured to enable propagation within your switched network.
Q:My Frame Relay network picks up the DLCIs automatically. Is this okay?
A:No, you need to ensure that you do not use additional DLCIs other than those specified.
Q:So, do you want me to manually map to the DLCIs I should be using?


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