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Chapter 1. Networking Security Concepts > Exam Preparation Tasks - Pg. 20

20 CCNA Security 640-554 Official Cert Guide Exam Preparation Tasks Review All the Key Topics Review the most important topics from this chapter, denoted with a Key Topic icon. Table 1-7 lists these key topics. Table 1-7 Key Topics Description Confidentiality, integrity, and availability Security terms Asset classifications Classifying countermeasures Man-in-the-middle attacks Additional attack methods Guidelines for secure network architecture Page Number 8 10 11 12 15 16 18 Key Topic Key Topic Element Text Table 1-2 Table 1-3 Text Text Table 1-5 Table 1-6 Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory Print a copy of Appendix C , "Memory Tables" (found on the CD), or at least the section for this chapter, and complete the tables and lists from memory. Appendix D , "Memory Tables Answer Key," also on the CD, includes completed tables and lists so that you can check your work. Define Key Terms Define the following key terms from this chapter, and check your answers in the glossary: asset, vulnerability, threat, risk