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Part II. Protecting the Network Infrastr... > Chapter 5. Using Cisco Configuration... - Pg. 63

CHAPTER 5 Using Cisco Configuration Professional to Protect the Network Infrastructure There have been several flavors of graphical user interface (GUI) tools over the years, including Security Device Manager (SDM) , CiscoWorks, and others. This chapter intro- duces you to another GUI tool called Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) , also sometimes shown as Cisco CP. Even if you believe that the command-line interface is the only "true" way to go, some nice features are built in to CCP such as smart wizards that can make the configuration of the Cisco router faster and less error-prone. Another benefit of CCP is that it does not take a lot of expertise to get a configuration in place on the router. Regardless of which type of tool is used to put a configuration in place, it is important to understand the actual commands that are instructing the router to behave in a secure manner. If you need another reason to be interested in CCP, here it is: It is relevant to the certification. With all those facts in mind, let's get started.