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Chapter 7. Configuring Voice Gateways fo... > Exam Essentials - Pg. 348

348 Chapter 7 Configuring Voice Gateways for POTS and VoIP Exam Essentials Know how to configure FXS and FXO analog ports. Understand how to apply caller-ID names/numbers, call progress tones, ring frequencies, and signaling information to analog interfaces. Understand the purpose of PLAR. interfaces and how to configure them on FXS and FXO ports for both outbound and inbound calling. PLAR interfaces create an automatic connection either when a phone goes off-hook (FXS) or when a call comes into the interface (FXO). Know how to configure POTS dial peers for FXS and FXO analog ports. With FXS ports, you use the extension number as the destination pattern and apply it to an FXS analog port. With FXO ports, you typically want to match many numbers for routing outbound calls either to the PSTN or another PBX. To match multiple numbers in the fewest destination patterns possible, you utilize dial-peer wildcards. Know how to configure CAMA -signaled FXO ports for E.911 calling. CAMA ports connect to a PSAP network rather than the PSTN. These connections use their own signaling protocol.