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Exam Prep Questions

1.Which of the following statements about analog voice is incorrect?

A.A fax machine can be connected to an FXS port.
B.An analog port can be used to connect to a PBX.
C.A circuit from a CO can terminate at an FXO analog voice port.
D.E&M is an analog circuit.
E.None of the options are incorrect.

2.Which of the following is not a digital voice port?


3.Which of the following statements about call legs is true?

A.A call leg is a logical connection between two devices.
B.A call leg is a required command for dial peers.
C.A call leg determines how a call will be routed.
D.A call leg command must have a unique tag number.

4.Which of the following statements about dial peers is not correct?

A.A VoIP dial peer’s session target is the IP address of the destination device.
B.A POTS dial peer contains a port command to determine where to route the call.
C.Dial peer tag number must be unique.
D.Outbound dial peers always match based on the most exact match.

5.Which of the following lines would not be part of a VoIP dial peer?

A.dial-peer voice 10 VOIP
B.destination-pattern 1...
C.session target
D.preference 0

6.Which of the following dial peers would be the first match when the dialed number is 2000?

A.dial-peer voice 555 pots
  destination-pattern 2000
  preference 1
  port 0/0/0
B.dial-peer voice 55 pots
  destination-pattern 2000
  preference 2
  port 0/0/1
C.dial-peer voice 550 pots
  destination-pattern 2000
  preference 3
  port 0/1/0
D.dial-peer voice 500 pots
  destination-pattern 2000
  port 0/1/1

7.If no match for an inbound dial peer can be found, what happens to the call?

A.The default dial peer 0 is used.
B.The call is dropped.
C.The call is routed to the operator.
D.The caller is told to please try the call later.

8.Which of the following are not commands that an inbound dial peer is matched on? (Choose all correct answers.)

D.ip precedence

9.When the outgoing number is 5551100, which of the following dial peers will be used?

A.dial-peer voice 55 pots
  destination-pattern 5551100
  port 0/0/1
B.dial-peer voice 55 pots
  destination-pattern 5551100
  preference 2
  port 0/0/1
C.dial-peer voice 55 pots
  destination-pattern 5551...
  preference 2
  port 0/0/1
D.dial-peer voice 55 pots
  destination-pattern 555...
  preference 2
  port 0/0/1

10.What must be created to connect to an ITSP?

A.Create an ITSP dial peer.
B.Create a VoIP dial peer.
C.Create a VoITSP dial peer.
D.Create a SIP dial peer.


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