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Chapter 13. Advanced Services Troubleshooting

Chapter 13. Advanced Services Troubleshooting

This chapter covers the following subjects:

Application Network Services Troubleshooting: This section introduces you to the Cisco Application Network Services (ANS) architecture. Cisco ANS includes multiple pieces of dedicated equipment aimed at optimizing the performance of network-based applications (for example, improving the response time of a corporate web server for users at a remote office). Although this section introduces a collection of Cisco ANS components, the primary focus of this section is on Cisco IOS features that can improve application performance. Specifically, the Cisco IOS features addressed are NetFlow, IP service-level agreements (SLA), Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR), and quality of service (QoS).

Wireless Troubleshooting Targets: This section begins by contrasting autonomous and split-MAC wireless network architectures. Next, this section highlights wired network issues that can impact wireless networks. These include power, VLAN, security, DHCP, and QoS issues.

Large enterprise networks carry multiple types of application traffic for their users. However, an inherent characteristic of large enterprise networks is that these networks are typically geographically dispersed. Separating these sites over an IP WAN can impact the performance of network-based applications. Fortunately, Cisco offers a collection of ANS devices that can help optimize the performance of network-based applications. In addition to dedicated hardware, however, Cisco IOS Software offers a collection of features that can help collect baseline information for these applications and then help improve application performance (for example, response time).


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